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Milma Administration

Malabar Regional Co-operative Milk Producer's Union Ltd. is governed by Board of Directors

Name Designation Description
Sri. K.S. MANI Chairman Palakkad District
Sri. CHENTHAMARA K. Director Palakkad District
Sri. SANOJ S. Director Palakkad District
Sri. BALACHANDRAN Director Palakkad District
Sri. T.P. USMAN Director Malappuram District
Sri. GIREESHKUMAR Director Kozhikode District
Sri. SREENIVASAN P. Director Kozhikode District
Smt. ANITHA K.K. Director Kozhikode District
Sri. NARAYANAN Director Kasaragod District
Sri. SUDHAKARAN K. Director Kasaragod District
Mrs. Sinila Unnikrishnan Director Govt. Nominee (Department of Dairy Development)
Smt. ROMY JACOB Director NDDB Nominee
Sri. K.C James Managing Director MRCMPU
Sri. ASIF K YUSUF Managing Director KCMMF

The farmer members of the Board are elected for a five-year term from among the Presidents of the affiliated village level Anand Pattern Co-op. Societies. The very fact that a majority of the Board members are elected farmers ensures that the business policies of the Union are always governed with the interests of dairy farmers foremost in mind. In addition, the fact that the assets of the Union including dairy plants, chilling plants and the expertise and experience of its human resources are under the control of the farmer dominated board, ensures that the instruments of development are firmly in the hands of the beneficiary farmers. Thus MRCMPU Ltd. is at the same time, both a business enterprise as well as a development institution, and is owned by a large body of farmers spread throughout the rural hinterland of North Kerala. This organization is also an example of a scheme of things where farmers are helped to help themselves, instead of being forever dependant on govt. doles and rescue packages or being forever fearful of production quotas that are characteristic of many Western Economies. This is also a silent revolution which daily transfers millions of rupees from the comparatively affluent urban consumers to their poorer brethren living in the villages, and that too without the involvement of any middleman or govt. agency.

Name From To
Sri. K.K Padmanabha Kurup 15.01.1990 14.01.1992
Sri. P.T Gopala Kurup 18.01.1992 15.04.1993
Sri. P.T Gopala Kurup 16.04.1993 30.12.1999
Sri. P.P Gopinatha Pillai 30.12.1999 10.01.2004
Sri. P.P Gopinatha Pillai 11.01.2004 05.01.2009
Sri. P.P Gopinatha Pillai 06.01.2009 27.11.2012
Sri. P.T Gopala Kurup 06.12.2012 27.12.2013
Sri. K.N Surendran Nair 27.12.2013 26.12.2018
Dr. Patil Suyog Subhash Rao IFS (Administrator) 27.12.2018 26.06.2019
Sri. Yoosuf Koroth (Convener Administrative Committee) 27.06.2019 09.02.2020
Sri. K.S Mani 10.02.2020
Managing Directors
Name From To
Sri. P.G Tenzing IAS 01.09.1990 24.12.1991
Sri. P.K Abdul Azeez 25.12.1991 30.06.1996
Sri. S. Dakshinamoorthy 01.07.1996 18.10.2004
Sri. P.V George 19.10.2004 31.05.2006
Sri. D. Jayachandran 01.06.2006 30.06.2010
Sri. K.T Thomas 01.07.2010 31.03.2017
Sri. V.N Kesavan (I/C) 01.04.2017 31.03.2019
Sri. K.M Vijayakumaran 01.04.2019 28.02.2021
Dr. Muraly P 01.03.2021 31.10.2023
Sri. K.C James 01.11.2023