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Ethno Vet Milma
Nature cures product of MRCMPU Ltd.

The development of ready- to-use Ethno Veterinary Medicine with a drug license is an innovative approach of Malabar Milk Union to resolve the practical difficulties in applying EVM medicines. Many farmers in Kerala have witnessed the effectiveness of EVM medicines of Malabar milma. Malabar milma distributes drugs to farmers through societies. In addition to the treatment cost reduction at the farmer level, the positive impact of EVM has been noticed with regard to the quality of milk as well.

The development of ready-to-use EVM medicines is a transformation of traditional knowledge in veterinary care into products without changing its effectiveness. Ethno Vet Milma has been selected for presentation in the session “Start up India- Addressing challenges in Dairy sector” conducted as part of IDF world submit 2022 held at Greater Noida, Delhi. The project were well appreciated by eminent personalities who attended the program.

Concern about food safety in society is increasing day by day. The food safety regulations in the country are also becoming more stringent. The milk and milk products should not contain any antimicrobial residues above the specified residual limit, which is illegal and potent to harm consumers' health.The cost-effectiveness of animal health care and the food safety advantages attract the farmer community towards Ayurvedic Veterinary Medicines usage. Hence, its popularization is the need of the hour.

Benefits of Ethno Veterinary Medicines over Allopathic medicines.

The salient features of Ayurvedic veterinary medicines are as follows.

1. Addressing AMR challenge.

As EVM is an alternate treatment method to allopathic veterinary medicines, the usage of medications like antibiotics can be minimized. The veterinary drug residues in milk and their consequences, like Antimicrobial Resistance and health problems in human beings when using milk and milk products, can be controlled.

2. Cost-effectiveness.

Compared with the treatment using allopathic veterinary medicines, the cost of EVM medicines is remarkably less. Dairy farmers can choose EVM as a better solution for their high cost of veterinary care.

3. Better animal health.

EVM medicines are made out of herbal ingredients which are neither harmful nor cause any side effects in animals

4. Easy administration methods.

The Administration/application methods of Ethno Veterinary Medicines are comparatively more straight forward, and the farmer can do it without the help of any expert advice or service. Farmers can store all these medicines in a first-aid kit.

5. No loss of milk due to medicine residues in milk during the treatment period.

After using allopathic medicines like antibiotics, the milk should be withdrawn for a particular period after treatment due to the veterinary drug residues in milk produced after treatment. This milk withdrawal will be a massive loss to the dairy farmer. But in the case of EVM medicines application, the milk is safe from drug residues. Farmers can use the milk even during the application or administration of these medicines.

Details of Ethno Veterinary Medicines
Indication: mastitis in cow
Indigestion, Flatulence
Diar End
Indication: Diarrhea
Milk Let
Indication: Galactagogue
Pyrex care
Indication: Fever
Fly Repel
Indication: Ectoparaceticide
Indication: Warts, Pox
Heal All
Indication: All types of wounds
Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000:2018) at BMC DCS

ISO 22000:2018, Food safety management systems – Requirements for any organization in the food chain, is recognized internationally as the most relevant document supporting the development of a food safety management system (FSMS). The International Standard defines what an organization needs to do in order to demonstrate its ability to control food safety hazards and ensure that food products are safe for consumption. This enables organizations to deliver food-related products and services with confidence throughout the supply chain.

As a responsible organization, MRCMPU LTD. is committed to consistently provide safe, hygiene, nutritious and good quality milk and milk products to the consumers by ensuring food safety through adopting relevant quality and food safety management procedures and continuous improvement of those systems.

All Dairy plants owned by MRCMPU LTD. were certified against ISO 22000 standards (Food Safety Management System) as its beginning itself. Considering the importance of food safety as a quality parameter, MRCMPU LTD. understood the importance of implementing Food Safety Management System to ensure the safety of raw material collecting from Primary Producers level. For this we have started to upgrade Primary Dairy Cooperatives were we installed BMC’s for chilling and storage of milk, against ISO 22000 standards from 2017-18 financial year, and it is continuing throughout these years. At present 62 BMC DCS of MRCMPU out 234 were certified against ISO 22000 Standards.

It is a remarkable effort taken by MRCMPU LTD. which given recognition to us among other Dairy Cooperatives all over India. These efforts helped us to achieve highest average Microbial Quality of 208 Minutes MBRT (2022-23) to raw milk procured from Primary Dairy Cooperatives.

District wise list of ISO 22000-2018 certified BMC DCS under MRCMPU LTD. is as follows:

District wise list of ISO 22000-2018 certified