Milma for Farmers

Procurement and Inputs Department

The Procurement & Inputs (P&I) Department is responsible for functions related to Milk Production Enhancement at farmer level and Procurement of milk by the Societies and Union. The functions are carried out through its units located at Palakkad, Pattambi, Nilambur, Kozhikode, Kalpetta, Kannur, Kanhangad,Vadakara,Kottakkal and Attappady

Milk Production Enhancement At Farmer Level

The following programmes are carried out at the farmer level to enhance quantity and quality of milk production

Artificial Insemination

Carried out through more than 100 Artificial Insemination centres located at village dairy co-operative societies. These centres are manned by self employed youth or trained society employee

Feed and Fodder Programme
  • Supply of Balanced cattle feed through the village Dairy co-operative societies at subsidized rates
  • Supply of straw pellets sourced from other states to farmers at subsidized rates to reduce cost of production of milk.
  • Supply of baled straw to farmers at subsidized rates from Straw Baling Unit at Palakkad
  • Supply of essential drugs and vitamins for up-keep of proper health of milch animals
  • Establishment of fodder plots to make available green fodder to farmers at affordable rates.
  • Availability of ready made channel for the State Govt. to provide cattle feed subsidy to dairy farmers from the state exchequer
Total Mixed Ration Programme

Carried out through more than 100 Artificial Insemination centres located at village dairy co-operative societies. These centres are manned by self employed youth or trained society employee

Heifer Development Programme

The objective of the programme is to develop 2000 high quality cows through their adoption and focused attention from the heifer stage itself. Ten heifers each will be selected from 200 Co-operative societies and they are proposed to be given special provisions like vitamins, minerals, medicines and adequate volumes of cattle feed using the special budget set apart for this.

Farm Support Programme

This is a new venture aimed at promoting dairy farming as a profitable commercial venture in itself, instead of being carried out as an "add-on" activity to mainstream agriculture. More than three hundred project proposals have already been submitted under the Dairy Venture Capital Fund of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) of India. Out of these proposals, more than 180 have been sanctioned by the bank. The following activities are given support under this venture:

  • Mechanization of dairy farms through use of milking machines, chaff cutters, animal cooling systems, bio–gas plants, rubber mats, automatic watering systems etc.
  • Conduct of Farm Entrepreneurs Training Programmes.
  • Distribution of low cost alternate feeds like beer and tapioca waste to farmers
Decentralized Veterinary Units

Under this scheme veterinarians on contract basis are posted at a central society with required facilities and medicines. Service of these veterinarians is to be made available on cost basis to the farmers of all societies in the area

Procurement of Milk by Societies / Union

The following schemes are being undertaken to assist procurement of milk under proper conditions at the societies and at the dairies under the Union

  • Provision of building grants for construction of permanent buildings and facilities for societies and special grants to societies for the erection of bulk milk coolers
  • Provision of testing chemicals free of cost to societies.
  • Provision of milk cans to societies at subsidized rates
Insurance Schemes

The dairy farmers are covered under insurance policies of the Life Insurance Corporation of India and the New India Assurance Company for the following risks

  • Natural Death
  • Accidental Death
  • Permanent Total Disability
  • Medical Expenses

In addition, a cattle insurance scheme is also operated under the National Insurance Company of India. The premium expenses of all the above policies are met either entirely by the Union or jointly with the societies and beneficiary farmers.

Women Cattle Care Programme

This programme mainly focuses on periodically training groups of farm women in a village by a trained women promoter selected from the same village. The focus areas of training are the following

  • Technical aspects of dairying
  • Communication skills
  • Motivation and Personal Development
  • Family Counselling
  • Child Psychology
  • Consumer Rights
Co-operative Development / Institution Building Programme

This programme mainly involves training of elected Board members and employees of societies to take an active and effective role for themselves in the development and growth of their society through planning , strategy formulation, budgeting etc.

Awards and scholarships

In order to develop a competitive spirit among farmers for achieving excellence in their field of activity, awards are given each year to farmers and societies who show the best performance. In addition four types of scholarships are also given to farmers’ children to enable them to pursue education at various levels.

Malabar Rural Development Foundation

Malabar Rural Development Foundation is a charitable trust registered under the Indian Trusts Act 1882 for implementing non – core social developmental activities for the benefit of farmers in Malabar region. It is managed by a board of trustees consisting seven members including Chairman of KCMMF Ltd , Chairman of MRCMPU Ltd and Managing Director of MRCMPU Ltd. The major initiatives of MRDF include the following :

  • Financial support for the education of children of farmers and employees who have registered under the trust
  • Distribution of low cost alternate cattle-feed like beer waste
  • Procurement and distribution of farm machinery like milking machines, chaff cutters, rubber mats etc. at reasonable rates to farmers.
  • Implementation of Farm Tourism Initiatives involving the linkage of dairy farms and scenic spots in Wayanad District, so as to give tourists an opportunity to spend quality time with the dairy farmer in the village